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Dispute Panda is a 100% pay-as-you-go credit based system. Free to sign up.


Attack Pricing

There are ZERO monthly fees, credits never expire while you’re on a Free plan. Only add credits to use the system when you need to.


per attack

This attack covers letters to all three bureaus Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. You only pay for the creation of non-static attacks.

The cost is $17 per attack but can be as low as $12 (when buying credits in bulk). We also provide free attacks to debt collectors and secondary credit bureaus.

Types of Attacks

Our Attacks

Here are Dispute Panda’s non-static attacks. These are the paid premium attacks, but for good reasons. Just ask fellow organizations 😉

Non-Static Attacks

Nerve Attack


Punch Of Fury

Round Kick

Paralyzing Touch

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AI-driven credit repair / financial literacy Dispute Panda AI with machine learning to attack items on the credit bureaus based on the data within the credit report.

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Dispute Panda Credit Repair

PRO will take your disputing and communication to a whole new level.

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Pro Monthly

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First 14 days then $197 every month 


For those looking to start scaling their Credit Repair business.

PRO Yearly



Billed annually


For those looking to streamline and automate their entire Credit Repair operation.

Re-import Summaries

Just import credit reports and instantly identify changes since the last round. With improved report accuracy, you'll offer top-notch experience for your clients and build trust. Retaining clients longer and getting more referrals.

Client Payment Forms

Streamline your billing process, and provide a seamless payment experience for both you and your clients, enabling you to get paid faster. Just connect your merchant, and you're good to go! Simply send a direct link to begin charging your clients with Dispute Panda.

Onboarding Forms

Simplify client onboarding with our user-friendly Built-In forms, easily gathering all the important info you need in one hassle-free spot.

1-Click Report Imports

Save ample time with our amazing new Credit Monitoring option, allowing you to import JSON credit reports with just 1 click.

CRO Account Reports

Celebrate and share your success using our comprehensive client result reports, complete with eye-catching branded graphics to impress leads and boost your business reputation.

Invite Team Members

Work better together by inviting your team members to join your account, collaborating seamlessly to deliver top-notch credit repair services.

Direct Creditor Letters

Increase your dispute effectiveness by connecting directly with creditors and account owners, achieving the best possible results for your happy clients. Coming soon!

+ more coming soon!

We're still planning and testing lots of new features yet to be added. Stay tuned. We're listening, got an idea? Let us know! 👀

Dispute Panda's AI brings new possibilities for your business & your clients.


Dispute Panda is free to sign up! You’ll just need to deposit credits into your account depending on the type of attack you want to generate. We do recommend you try our premium attacks as those are AI powered.

Yes! You can either mail the attacks on your own, or use our own built-in mailing system. With Dispute Panda you can send your attacks via USPS first-class or USPS certified-mail with one click. The average price to send an attack to all 3 bureaus is $3.50.

That’s correct, No setup fees! You just sign up for an account, get approved and you can be on your way with the best disputing engine out there. 

No limits with us! As of now there is no limits on the amount of clients you can have in your Dispute Panda account.

Dispute Panda is a Credit Repair disputing engine that is powered by AI. Allowing you to dispute and mail attacks in just a few clicks creating unique letters every time.

We take pride in our security, apart from adding tons of new features we’re also focusing on the integrity of our platform and that our users’ data is kept secure. Learn more at Dispute Panda Security

Yes, you can head over to our Training tab, or visit our Help Center to find specific answers to your questions. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have M-F 9-5PM EST.

AI Credit Repair

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DisputePanda is an AI-powered credit repair software that delivers a new experience and revolutionizes the way you service your clients.