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Onboard your clients with the new Forms, import their report in 1-Click, charge them through Integrated Billing, send them a message via the new Inbox, and share the branded graphics of their awesome results with them. That's a little bit of what you can do with Panda PRO.

Dispute Panda is still FREE to sign up. These are just paid awesome features to streamline your business.

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Branded Client Portal Safe Client Access

Branded Client Portal

Welcome to the future of client engagement and management. This amazing feature will transform your credit repair business and provide a world-class experience that will leave clients in awe. With our white-label Safe Client Access portal you will empower your clients with real-time credit progress tracking, effortless communication, and instant activity updates.

Inbox Messaging

Welcome to the next level of client communication with our Integrated Inbox Feature. Get unlimited access to our seamless communication hub that keeps you connected with your clients without ever leaving the platform. Elevate their experience with instant messaging via the Safe Client Portal, and embrace the future of efficient, unparalleled client engagement.

Dispute Panda Zapier

Zapier Integration

Welcome to the future, where credit repair business automation reigns supreme. Unlock the true potential of Dispute Panda Pro and take your business to new heights with our Zapier integrations feature. Now you can effortlessly connect with thousands of apps on Zapier and experience the power of automation like you’ve never seen before. Save tons of time by streamlining and automating your entire workflow and customer journey.

Dispute Panda Zapier Integration

Social Media Shareables

Get more leads and clients with just a push of a button using our Social Media Shareable feature. Give your credit repair business the spotlight it deserves by sharing your clients’ awesome results on social media. Get an overall account report for the week, month, or year, and share them with some eye-catching branded graphics generated by the system. With our Social Media Shareable feature, there will be no shortage of leads reaching out to inquire about your services.

Refer a friend & Get FREE credits!

Take advantage of our Referral program and get free credits! Simply invite a friend to join the Dispute Panda community. When they add a minimum of $20 in credits to their account, you’ll be rewarded with a free round of Attacking, giving you the opportunity to enhance your credit repair services and delight your clients even more. Share the benefits and watch your success grow together!

Dispute Panda Holding Gift
Dispute Panda Credit Repair


Re-import Summaries

Just import credit reports and instantly identify changes since the last round. With improved report accuracy, you'll offer top-notch experience for your clients and build trust. Retaining clients longer and getting more referrals.

Client Payment Forms

Streamline your billing process, and provide a seamless payment experience for both you and your clients, enabling you to get paid faster. Just connect your merchant, and you're good to go! Simply send a direct link to begin charging your clients with Dispute Panda.

Onboarding Forms

Simplify client onboarding with our user-friendly Built-In forms, easily gathering all the important info you need in one hassle-free spot. Send them the shareable link and save time onboarding.

1-Click Report Imports

Save ample time with our amazing new Credit Monitoring option, allowing you to import JSON credit reports with just 1 click. Enter your client's credential, and click "Import". Why keep copy pasting?

CRO Account Reports

Celebrate and share your success using our comprehensive client result reports, complete with eye-catching branded graphics to impress leads and boost your business reputation.

Invite Team Members

Work better together by inviting your team members to join your account, collaborating seamlessly to deliver top-notch credit repair services.

Direct Creditor Letters

Increase your dispute effectiveness by connecting directly with creditors and account owners, achieving the best possible results for your happy clients. Coming soon!

+ more coming soon!

We're still planning and testing lots of new features yet to be added. Stay tuned. We're listening, got an idea? Let us know! 👀

Dispute Panda PRO brings Unlimited possibilities for your Business & your Clients.


The pandas would be very sad to see you go, but you can cancel at any time from your settings. Just go to Settings > Billing and you can cancel your subscription from there.

That’s correct, No setup fees! You just sign up for PRO and you can be on your way with dozens of new features. You can access our training to help you get setup.

No limits with PRO! You can have unlimited clients on your account, and process as many as you’d like.

No, the cost for Dispute Panda Pro only gives you access to all the features listed on this page. It does not give you unlimited attacking or disputing.

That would be sad for the pandas, but you’ll still have access to your account and your clients. You would just lose access and miss out on all the paid features.

We take pride in our security, apart from adding tons of new features we’re also focusing on the integrity of our platform and that our users’ data is kept secure. Learn more at Dispute Panda Security

Yes, you can head over to our Training tab, or visit our Help Center to find specific answers to your questions. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have M-F 9-5PM EST.

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