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TLDR: By not paying per attack and utilizing Credit Dyno’s credit monitoring, you can save the entire $1,700 every month. Just imagine what you could do with those savings!

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Credit Dyno

Hey there..

So… If you didn’t have to pay for your credit repair software, would that help your business?

We have exciting news! We’ve finally finalized a deal with Credit Dyno credit monitoring that will benefit you tremendously. 

All you have to do is import a Credit Dyno credit report into Dispute Panda via the 1-Click import function, and you’ll get a free attack every 35 days for that client.

I’ll say that again….With Credit Dyno’s credit monitoring, you can now enjoy free attacks in Dispute Panda, and that’s not all!

Let’s break it down with a scenario:

Scenario: You have 100 clients, each paying $17 per attack. 

Here’s how the numbers stack up:

Attack Costs:

  • Number of clients: 100
  • Cost per attack: $17
  • Monthly attack cost: 100 * $17 = $1,700

By not paying per attack and utilizing Credit Dyno’s credit monitoring, you can save the entire $1,700 every month. Just imagine what you could do with those savings!

But there’s more to gain:


With active Credit Dyno credit monitoring, you can earn commissions between $8 and $22 per client each month.
Let’s conservatively assume an average commission of $15 per client per month.

Total commissions earned: 100 * $15 = $1,500

So, not only are you saving $1,700 on attack costs, but you’re also earning an additional $1,500 in commissions every month. That’s a total financial gain of $3,200 per month!

What would $3,200 per month passive income do for your business?

But wait, there’s even more value:

  • Credit Dyno’s credit monitoring also grants you access to 7 years of late payment history, empowering you with powerful insights to devise effective credit repair strategies.
  • Free Co-branding: So your clients see your logo
  • Unlimited sponsored accounts: if you want to pay for your client’s credit monitoring
  • Automated monthly payouts via ACH: No more months of missed commission payments
  • Secure Portal to track clicks, clients, and commissions

To delve deeper into the benefits of Credit Dyno, we’ve created a comprehensive tutorial on YouTube. Check it out here: https://youtu.be/jLVeiaLC_Gc

Don’t let this incredible opportunity slip away! By leveraging Credit Dyno’s credit monitoring, you’ll save a significant amount on attack costs, earn the highest commissions in the industry, and gain access to valuable late payment history.

Ready to transform your credit repair business and boost your profits? Watch the tutorial above and email support@creditdyno.com to become an affiliate of Credit Dyno credit monitoring. 

With Love,

The Dispute Panda Team

P.S. Below is what you will see when you import a Credit Dyno credit report 🙂

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